We acknowledge and recognize the noble effort taken by the country of Ireland in helping with the humanitarian crisis created by the war in Ukraine. We also want to take the time to acknowledge the privilege and the freedom we have to be able to travel and pursue our passion, while the people of Ukraine have lost everything. As you may have heard, the City West will be booked to house refugees from Ukraine; therefore, the venue will not be available to us to host the World Championships. In light of this, we have secured a new venue and date to host the WKC World Championships 2022: 

The Gleneagle Hotel & Event Centre, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland
October 8-13, 2022 

Hotel booking promo code will be available ASAP. 

We really appreciate your understanding during these times, and we thank you all for your continued support. 

We can now confidently look forward to a fantastic World Championship! We can’t wait to see everyone and we look forward to an extremely high standard of competition! You can find more information about our new venue in the links below: